Consultancy work 

Having worked within the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) world for 13 years firstly in Account Management, Sales then Operations I am steeped in all the permutations of this industry and will bring a forensic clarity and knowledge to my work. I have a Certificate in Management Consultancy Essentials (CMCE), have been Prince2 trained and am also a qualified Life Coach.

Here are some of the questions that you may have if you are wanting to understand more about your EAP and whether it is effective:

How do you know that the clinical structures being used by your Provider are the right ones? Do you understand exactly what you are getting? We will look exhaustively at what sort of counselling provision there is and how it is delivered e.g. what is the mix of F2F, TC, Online Counselling, trauma (Critical Incident) response, Manager Support etc. Are these elements offered equally to your staff & Managers? We will cut through the jargon and clinical speak and make it easy for you to understand
Are you fully apprised of how effective the clinical support offered by the EAP is? We will look closely at cases to see how effective the therapy offered is. How is effectiveness measured and how does that information get back to you?
Are you satisfied that risk is being effectively managed by your Provider? We will take a very close look at all the risk management protocols used by the Provider e.g. do they use a risk register and what is the process for informing you if there is organisational risk?
How do you know that the non-clinical elements of the EAP are effective? We will look closely at non-clinical (Information) cases to see how effective the services offered are. How is effectiveness measured and how does that information get back to you? Is there a good process for linking info and clinical?
Do you want a better understanding of what this Provider offers you that maybe another one doesn’t? By bringing to you 15 years of EAP experience and knowledge on both a corporate and clinical level we will be able to give you a much clearer idea of what you are actually getting from your provider



I have been training since my army days in the 90s and use my Instructor skills and clinical qualifications to provide training across the following areas:

  • Stress Trg for Managers – can be 1 day, half a day or 1 hour
  • Stress Trg for employees – 1 hour
  • Workplace stress and workplace performance – 1 hour
  • Health and Wellbeing for managers – 1 hour (could be longer 2.5 hours)
  • Clean and Healthy Living – 1 hour
  • Smoking Cessation – 1 Hour
  • How to use your EAP to best support staff/managers around Critical Incidents -1 hour
  • How to use your EAP to support your managers (Management Support) – 1hour
  • How to deal with Mental Health issues in the workplace – 1 hour
  • Employee wellbeing – 1 hour
  • Worklife balance – 1 hour

Generally speaking I can put together new presentations around these sorts of areas if required and it falls within my remit as a psychological therapist who has worked in business-if in doubt just ask!

My rates are very competitive-contact me for a discussion