Before working together it is important to have an assessment. It lasts typically about the same time as a session i.e. 40-50 minutes. Research indicates that the better the assessment the better the outcome of the counselling.

What is the purpose of assessment?

  • Evaluate suitability for time limited therapy e.g. Risk, psychological mindedness, active engagement between sessions (homework) etc.
  • Enable therapist and client to examine clients history and presenting issues.
  • See if we¬†can work together-this is very important as the biggest predictor for a successful outcome is a good working alliance.
  • Generate a shared understanding of presenting issues, onset development, overall functioning etc.
  • Summarise nature of presenting issues
  • Check your motivation!

During this process I will tell you more about how I work and, where necessary model this for you so as to strip away some of the layers of mystique.

The main thing is that we are both comfortable at the idea of working together, I have an outline history and an idea of what is bringing you to counselling.

If that is all in place then we can proceed!

In terms of payment the assessment is free and then I will ask you for payment at the beginning of the 1st session (via cash, bank transfer or card payment in session). Payment will be subsequently on a session by session basis but please note that if you cancel a session or fail to appear without at least 24 hours notice I will need to charge you for the missed session.